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Testez Votre Niveau d’Anglais


1. What does he drink?
2. She her job.
3. What at the moment?
4. do you go to yoga with?
5. Last week he a great film on television.
6. Have you got sugar?
7. He'll be here soon. He’s just the wine.
8. Lucy is a colleague .
9. At 5 o'clock this morning, Robert in bed.
10. My brother is than me.


11. Helen needs you a key for her.
12. He broke the glass and he to buy a new one.
13. How many times have you watched that film?
14. She's worked here nine years.
15. It’s the worst book I
16. How much are these beers?
17. Rich’s too young. He can’t
18. How long in France?
19. Where are the documents Melissa gave you? Have you them?
20. Luke's been really helpful .


21. Would you like a cup of tea? No thanks one.
22. Don’t apply for any Universities until the results announced.
23. My phone's broken, please can you tell me how ?
24. Sarah would be so upset if she her ring!
25. If you don’t want to fail the exam, you’d better every day!
26. Be quiet Debbie, you shout in a library!
27. He was annoyed when he realised that he the last bus.
28. I wish I the chocolate cake. Fred loves them.
29. You have done the cleaning, I have a cleaner, but thank you anyway.
30. It’s easy for you to make cakes because you .
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